The Army Bands Basic Officer Leaders Course Begins…

This past week, I finally started doing what I was originally brought to the Army School of Music to do – teach Army band officers.  Our Basic Officer Leaders Course (or BOLC-B) is probably unlike any other in the Army.  This class is large for us – 3 lieutenants and 1 warrant officer (who got delayed and couldn’t get to the School in time for the Warrant Officer Basic Course).  We have a good and interesting mix:  obviously, the warrant officer is a former enlisted Army bandsman; we have a lieutenant who is also a former Army bandsman; another who has National Guard experience but just left the Air Force Band Program as an enlisted player; and another who is brand new to the Army, having worked as a civilian conductor before getting suckered–I mean, making the decision to join the Army.

As busy as I’ve been – acting as interim Deputy Commandant/Director of Training/Budget Officer and Company Commander, along with being in the Advanced Operations Course (phase two of Intermediate Level Education for field grade officers), it was fun to teach this week.  This weekend I’ve been preparing (read: re-doing) the classes for this coming week.  I can’t imagine what it will be like when we’re fully staffed at the school and I’m done with my schooling…

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