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Reflections on Command

On September 12th, I relinquished the company command of the Army School of Music after serving in the position for a little over two years. (That’s not me in the above picture; I just thought it looked cool.) I came to the School of Music to be an instructor; as often happens in the military, it didn’t quite work out that way. Circumstances led to me assuming command of this unique unit while continuing to serve as Director of Training. Having two full-time jobs wasn’t always fun, but how could I pass on the privilege of my second command? I couldn’t. Continue reading


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We the People…

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the Constitution, its Bill of Rights, and the document’s relevance to our world today. There was even an op-ed in the New York Times recently by a “professor of constitutional law” that argued citizens should “give up on the Constitution.” (I won’t link to the article or state who wrote it because its not worth your time and I don’t want to provide him with any more “hits” than he’s already gotten. If you want to read it, a simple Internet search will find it.) Suffice to say that in my opinion (and this is my personal opinion), his students are wasting their money. Continue reading


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The Army Bands Basic Officer Leaders Course Begins…

This past week, I finally started doing what I was originally brought to the Army School of Music to do – teach Army band officers.  Our Basic Officer Leaders Course (or BOLC-B) is probably unlike any other in the Army.  This class is large for us – 3 lieutenants and 1 warrant officer (who got delayed and couldn’t get to the School in time for the Warrant Officer Basic Course).  We have a good and interesting mix:  obviously, the warrant officer is a former enlisted Army bandsman; we have a lieutenant who is also a former Army bandsman; another who has National Guard experience but just left the Air Force Band Program as an enlisted player; and another who is brand new to the Army, having worked as a civilian conductor before getting suckered–I mean, making the decision to join the Army. Continue reading

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