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Pull up a chair and join the discussion…

If you were to meet me in person, one thing that would become obvious really quick is that I am a man of very few words. Very. Few. Words.

But, when I have something to say, I say it, usually keeping my opinions to a small circle of people, one of which is my long-time friend, Brian. Living on opposite sides of the country, both with busy schedules (aka excuses), we would talk infrequently – sometimes about sports, sometimes about movies, sometimes about music. During the height of the pandemic, we starting talking more frequently, which led Brian to ask if I’d be interested in doing a podcast. Why not press record on our conversations and see what happens?

So, in the gaps of our busy schedules, we started recording. We talked about the future of music – is it live performance, recorded music, or something else? We talked about our favorite movie scores; the most clutch performances; the value of horror movies and the Marvel Cinematic Universe; and why we got into music in the first place. Being from Massachusetts and growing up in the 80’s, we still call each other “Dude,” hence the name of our podcast. We’re total amateurs at it, but that’s okay!

Whether five people listen or 5,000, we enjoy doing it, and it makes me appreciate our friendship of over 30 years even more. You can check out our podcast landing page here. Feel free to listen to the trailer, subscribe, and join the discussion.

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Are Movie Theaters “Dead Men Walking?”

The Aurora Theatre in East Aurora, New York. Photo: Hannah Buehler/ WKBW-TV

When Warner Brothers announced earlier this month that it would be releasing its complete slate of 2021 movie titles the same day to both theaters and its streaming service HBO Max, the movie industry lost its collective mind. Film makers, most notably Christopher Nolan, ripped the company for its move. Now, before I get to the heart of this post, let me just say that Warner Brothers was wrong to not include their partners in the decision-making process. Not only were film makers like Nolan caught unawares, so were production companies like Legendary (who finance the films). That was a mistake and it could be a costly one long-term.

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The Infinity Saga – My Rankings

Well, this just sucks. COVID and the year 2020 continues to deliver one blow after another. Black Widow, the long-awaited solo film for Scarlett Johansson’s character, is being pushed yet again, this time to May of next year – one year from its original date. As a result, other movies like The Eternals are being pushed as well. With that bit of news, I decided to re-look all of the Infinity Saga films and take a shot at what so many have already done – ranking the 23 movies.

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