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Hands Across the…Desert

Last Monday I had the opportunity to go to Qatar – my first trip out of Kuwait. I flew out Monday because there were no flights available Sunday or Saturday, and I couldn’t  get on a flight the previous Tuesday or Wednesday. Flying Space-Required (Space-R) is not exactly a sure thing; it’s barely one step removed from Space-A.

With Space-A, you probably have the flexibility to wait around all day to be told, “sorry, maybe tomorrow.” With Space-R, you probably have someplace to be but don’t have enough rank to get a seat; so the only difference with Space-R is that you’ll need to call the person you had a meeting with and postpone it. Perhaps more than once. But, I finally did get on a plane – a C130 – with one other passenger and a big payload of cargo. I arrived at Al Udeid Airbase (which is actually a Qatari base with an American base nestled within it) in the late morning, went through customs, checked in with billeting, and dropped off my stuff in the open bay I was going to be staying in. Continue reading

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Military Bands: Who Needs Them?

It began with a series of articles by an ill-informed Washington Post writer.  Then came articles in the New York Times.  Now another series of questions have arisen regarding military bands and their worth from another fuzzy math writer.  It’s gotten to the point where some people wonder why we have military bands at all.  Now, I’ve already talked a little about this here and here.  But I will now offer a complete thesis on the subject: Continue reading


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