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9-11 and the power of military bands

In 2001, I was a first lieutenant stationed at my first band (The U.S. Continental Army Band or TRADOC Band as it is known now at Fort Monroe, VA).  (BTW, it is a travesty that Fort Monroe is closing due to BRAC – a beautiful, historic post.)  September 11, 2001 was originally going to be a day off for the band because it had worked the weekend prior.  I was driving from my home in Virginia Beach to Fort Monroe to catch up on some work while the band was out of the office.  I remember listening to Imus, who was complaining about who knows what, when the news broke that a plane had flown into one of the World Trade Center towers.  As crazy as it sounded, I thought for sure it was a horrible accident; an isolated incident.  Minutes later, the second plane hit and I knew it wasn’t an accident.  By then, I was at the office.  By maybe 11:00 (I can’t remember), I received a call from the post commander to get the band ready to help augment the Military Police at the gate.  I called my commander, told her the situation, and by that night, the band was rotating on the gate pulling security as the post was at its highest force protection level. Continue reading


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