2020, The Sequel

I know. I didn’t write ONE post in 2021. I honestly don’t know why. I like to write; a lot happened in 2021; but in the end, no dice. So…as the Field Band prepares to go on an actual 30-day tour for the first time since March of 2020, I thought I’d look back on 2021.

More virtual productions…

The sequel to 2020 started out pretty similar to how 2020 ended – no live concerts and a lot of recording – both audio and video. The Band recorded virtual products for the Army Birthday (above) as we continued to release new products on social media – something we got pretty adept at in 2020. As the year went on, the pace started to pick up…

JUNE 2021 – The Concert Band and Soldiers’ Chorus rehearsing together for the first time since early 2020.

On Independence Day 2021, the Field Band was all over the place – the Six-String Soldiers performed with the Boston Pops, which was broadcast on Bloomberg Television; the Jazz Ambassadors performed in Philadelphia for “Welcome America,” and the Concert Band and Soldiers’ Chorus provided the soundtrack for New York City’s fireworks, broadcast on NBC.

A shot of the Band and Chorus during the NYC fireworks broadcast.

In August, the Concert Band and Soldiers’ Chorus performed four live concerts, our first since March of 2020. It was pretty surreal and awesome.

The Band recorded a 30-minute special that aired on CBS after the Army-Navy Game. Here are a few behind the scene shots from the production.

I’ve written about our recording, “Soundtrack of the American Soldier” before, but in November of 2021, the recording was recognized by the Recording Academy with a Grammy nomination for Best Immersive Audio Album! Watch the Grammys at the end of March to see if our amazing Producer and Engineers take home “the gold!” You can learn more about the recording here and here.

In December, the Concert Band performed in Chicago at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic. The Band, negotiating multiple obstacles along the way, absolutely nailed it – performing a chamber concert, two formal concerts, and supporting the Reynolds’s Conducting Clinic.

As I write this, we’re a week away from starting our tour, beginning in the San Diego area and ending in San Antonio. I can’t wait to perform with these amazing musicians and connect once again with the American People. If you’re in the area, come on out and hear the Concert Band, Soldiers’ Chorus, and Jazz Ambassadors! Check out our schedule here.

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