Why We Serve

Crazy. Not too long ago I wrote about how the Army Field Band’s tour of the Upper Midwest was cut short due to COVID-19. Well, since that time – just a couple of weeks ago – the world has changed.

Here in the U.S., whole states are shutting down in an effort to curb the spread of this contagious virus. Businesses are closing up shop. Restaurants are only allowed to deliver food or do carry out. Of course millions of people are either working from home or are wondering if they’ll have a job waiting for them when this is all over.

The anxiety, fear, and need for human connection is palpable, which is why the Field Band’s virtual concert series, We Stand Ready, has gained steam over the last couple of weeks. Beginning on March 20th, we began broadcasting daily a mix of pre-recorded and COVID-compliant live music to entertain, comfort, and connect.

Our incredible team of soldiers quickly pivoted from performing live concerts on the road to transforming our rehearsal facility into a makeshift TV studio

The level of dedication, creativity, and effort to pull off a daily broadcast cannot be overstated. It has been nothing short of inspiring to watch this unit respond to this crisis. Only a military band can provide this type of service because we don’t represent ourselves or a city or a state. Military bands represent the government and the country. Hearing songs of comfort from celebrity artists from their homes is cool. Hearing it from a soldier in uniform is something completely different.

Our soldiers’ efforts to create beauty, connect with people, and provide a source of strength, comfort, and resilience the way only a military band can has garnered interest from all over. Millions of people have viewed our content over the last couple of weeks; thousands have started following us on social media; and the media – hungry for a positive story – have taken notice.

Keep tabs on the Field Band at our website: http://www.armyfieldband.com and tune in on Facebook and YouTube.

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  1. Pride in service runs deep. Thank you and all your Soldiers for this tireless, selfless commitment.

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